Illuminating Theological Inquiry and Christian Ethics Through Training in Psychological Science

Devan Stahl and Sarah Schnitker at Baylor University are soliciting applications for scholars of Christian theology, ethics, religion, etc. to apply for funding that would facilitate cross-training in psychological science. Please see the information for our grant, Illuminating Theological Inquiry and Christian Ethics Through Training in Psychological Science, here:

Phase 1 RFP

  • If you are a theologian, ethicist, etc., please read the information below and apply! 
  • If you are a psychologist who might be interested in training or eventually conducting a $5,000-40,000 for a collaborative empirical study (that also provides course buyouts for your time) with a theologian/ethicist, please encourage potential partners to apply for Phase 1 training.

Christian theologians interested in becoming conversant in the psychological sciences are invited to apply to for a one-year cross-training program. Participants will receive two intensive training sessions in the psychological sciences to gain basic competency in the psychological science methods and content and will be invited to participate in twice monthly virtual research presentations throughout the academic year. This program will help theologians build supportive and collaborative interpersonal relationships with other theologians interested in the psychological sciences as well as a group of psychologists interested in working on research of interest to theologians. Theologian awardees will be eligible for up to an additional $45,000 of salary funding for additional training and $5,000-40,000 for a collaborative empirical study with a psychology lab in subsequent years, if selected. A similar level of funding is available for the psychology mentors in Phases 2 and 3. Applications are due February 1, 2023. To learn about the project, go to our website