About the RRA

The Religious Research Association represents academic and religious professionals working at the intersection of research and practical religious activities. As an interfaith and international association, our members include college, university, and seminary faculty; religious leaders; organizational consultants; laypersons; and other professionals interested in the intersection of religion and society.

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Formally organized as the Religious Research Fellowship on June 21, 1951, the group traces its heritage to the work of H. Paul Douglass (1871–1953). The organization was originally under the auspices of the Institute of Social and Religious Research in association with the Federal Council of Churches, with informal collaboration extended back to the 1920s.

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The RRA encourages and communicates research across multiple themes and approaches in the study of religion, including: new religious movements, dynamics of denominational and congregational growth, individual and organizational variations in beliefs and practices, relation between personal spirituality and institutional religious involvement, conflict within congregations and denominations, religious experience, ethnic religious groups, religion and family life, religion and political behavior, comparative analyses of religious behavior and institutions.

  • The RRA offers opportunities to network with other scholars and practitioners in religious research.
  • The RRA promotes the circulation, interpretation, and use of findings of religious research among professionals in religious organizations and other interested groups.
  • The RRA provides a forum for publication and presentation of research