The H. Paul Douglass Lecture

The H. Paul Douglass Lecture is presented every other year at the annual meeting. These lectures are subsequently published in the Review of Religious Research to provide an original contribution to the literature of religious research.

Lecturers have included:

Nancy Ammerman Jeffrey K. Hadden Talcott Parsons
Earl D.C. Brewer Philip E. Hammond Nichole R. Phillips
Tricia C. Bruce Barbara June Watts Hargrove
Part IPart II
Milton Rokeach
Part IPart II
Edmund deS. Brunner
Part IPart II
Will Herberg David Roozen
Jackson W. Carroll
Part IPart II
Dean Hoge Lyle E. Schaller
Mark Chaves Francois H. Houtart Joseph A. Scimecca
Randall Collins Dean M. Kelley Guy E. Swanson
Grace Davie Samuel C. Kincheloe
Part IPart II
Ruth Wallace
James Dittes Samuel Z. Klausner R. Stephen Warner
Mary Douglas Otto Maduro George W. Webber
Carl Dudley H. Newton Malony Barbara Wheeler
Christopher G. Ellison David Martin Lauris B. Whitman
Joseph H. Fichter Martin E. Marty Charles V. Willie
Part IPart II
Robert W. Friedrichs William McKinney Robert Wuthnow
Charles Y. Glock David O. Moberg J. Milton Yinger
Andrew M. Greeley Marie Augusta Neal
Part IPart II
Mayer N. Zald