SPARRC Funding Opportunity

With the support of a grant from the Templeton Religion Trust, in advancement of their
ambitious, multi-decade Social Consequences of Religion (SCORE) Initiative, the SCORE
Project for Advancing Research on Religion and Cooperation (SPARRC) welcomes proposals
from investigators from all scientific disciplines to research the social consequences of religion
for cooperation and prosocial behavior.

SPARRC is the first Strand of the SCORE Initiative. It is currently entering a two-stage research
phase. In the Seed Project Stage (described in detail in this document), we expect to fund
approximately ten Seed Grants with budgets up to $150,000 each. In the Landmark Project
Stage, we will award up to $4 million for Landmark Projects with budgets up to $3 million. We
will consider projects from investigators in all scientific disciplines, including but not limited to
anthropology, biology, cognitive science, communications, computer science, demography,
digital humanities, economics, epidemiology, human development, linguistics, neuroscience,
political science, psychology, sociology, and quantitative history.

Before submitting full proposals, applicants must submit Letters of Intent (LOIs) by June 17,
2024. Full instructions and further information are available here

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